Data and Confidentiality Policy

Personal data helps us to deliver exceptional services to young people and their communities in and around Roehampton. We may collect personal information when people engage with us for a number of reasons, and this helps us to deliver our services and enhance user experience.

In addition to this, the young people we work with, parents or other parties may share private information with our youth workers, mentors or staff. We are committed to ensuring this is kept confidential and that any one who engages with Regenerate is protected from their data or information being shared.




  • – Recognises that trust is essential for good youth work practice and this is the foundation for all relationships within Regenerate: Maintaining confidentiality is an integral part of building trust between young people, volunteers, and the organisation, and will be respected at all times, except from where it conflicts with child protection concerns.


  • – Is committed to ensuring that young people are able to share information in a confidential manner


  • – Aims to put the safeguarding of personal data at the centre of everything we do, and to manage personal data respectfully and responsibly.


  • – Is committed to protecting children, young people, staff, volunteers, families and anyone else we work with by ensuring the safe processing of their data.


  • – Strictly follow the 8 guiding principles laid out by the Data Protection Act (2018) when obtaining, handling and storing personal information.




  • – Only obtaining or holding data that an individual has given consent for and only for specified purposes provided to the individual.


  • – In the case f sensitive data (such as race, religious belief, sexuality) we ensure that the individual is informed that this type of data is being held, told the reason for it and has given specific consent. Photographs also count as sensitive data and permission is always obtained before taking or using photos of anyone.


  • – Holding any personal data securely, either in a locked filing cabinet if physical copies are kept, or in password protected folders. Only the necessary staff members should have access to this information.


  • – Ensuring any data that is no longer needed is destroyed safely. We also conduct regular reviews of files to ensure that it is not kept for longer than required.


  • – Only sharing information with other organisations when we ave permission from the individual and when there is a clear reason to do so for their benefit, for example to make referrals for further resources or provisions.


  • – Never selling any data


  • – On request, giving individuals copies of all personal information Regenerate keeps about them, and deleting or editing anything as requested by the individual. Identification of the data subject and legitimacy of the request will always be verified before releasing personal information.


  • – We will not discuss with anyone any information given by a young person in confidence, unless there is a child protection concern or the young person gives their permission. Child protection concerns relate to instances where:
      1. There is reason to believe that the young person or another young person, is in danger or being harmed. In this case the young person will be told that the information has to be shared with the appropriate agencies and encourage to agree with this. OR
      2. The young person discloses that they are involved, or plan to become involved in acts of terrorism.


  • – All workers and volunteers at Regenerate are expected to uphold the organisation’s commitment to confidentiality. Any cases where someone is found to be failing to uphold our confidentiality policy or being careless with the protection of data will be reviewed, and disciplinary action taken as appropriate.


We are happy to clarify any of the information in our data protection policy and answer any questions.

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