Regenerate Team Members

Who are the team?

Meet the people who make it all happen!

Andy Smith (He/Him)

Co-Founder & CEO

Clare Smith (She/Her)

Managing Director

Katie Sullivan (She/Her)

Youth and Mentoring Service Manager

Matt Fleming (He/Him)

TFGB General Manager

Aimée Jackson (She/Her)

Operations and Communications Manager

Bella James (She/Her)

Progression and Wellbeing Manager (TFGB)

Margaret Hamps (She/Her)

Book Keeper

AJ Duhur (She/They)

Youth Work Manager and Mentor

Louis Hollingsworth (He/Him)

Youth Work Manager and Mentor

Keira Barnes (She/Her)

Lead Youth Worker and Mentor

Jules Bradford (They/Them)

Youth Worker and Mentor

Helena Garland (She/Her)

Youth Worker and Mentor

Paige Lawton (She/Her)

Youth Work Apprentice

Maani Barber-Taylor

Youth Worker and Mentor

Nahwand Jaff (He/Him)


Kurtis Allen (He/Him)

TFGB Supervisor

Harriet Williamson (She/Her)

TFGB Supervisor

Andie Davies (They/Them)

TFGB Supervisor

Ricky Mocci (He/Him)

TFGB Supervisor

Soroush Shakeri

TFGB Supervisor

Clifton McDonald

Youth Work Supervisor

Amina Ispahani