Fundraising Information

Regenerate is totally self-funded, not for profit, and we raise all of our running costs each year. We do this through a combination of grant funding from charitable trusts and foundations who we apply to, donations from individuals and organisations, sponsorship, and fundraising activities and events such as big cycle rides and raffle dinners.



  • – Is committed to the highest ethical standards in fundraising practice.
  • – Are committed to meeting the legal requirements for charities.
  • – Are open about the work we fundraise for and how our funding is used.
  • – Are open about our processes and Is willing to provide more information when requested if appropriate.
  • – Respect individual rights and privacy and will respond appropriately to any feedback on our fundraising processes.
  • – Will always be fair, reasonable and sensitive when raising funds.


Our annual accounts providing more information on our income and expenditure can be found on the Charity Commission website.



Some of our main funders include:




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