Frequently asked questions



Who do you partner with?


Where do you get your funding from?


Regenerate is a registered charity and company Ltd by guarantee. We receive funding through individual donors, churches and trusts, and bigger organisations.

We also hold our own fundraising events and bigger adventures to raise money for our services.

Find out more on our fundraising page.


Why should I give my money to Regenerate (and not a similar charity)?


We live in and know the communities we work in. We have a better understanding of what that community needs, so your money goes more directly to initiatives that will make a change.

We believe in people and focus on connecting with individuals, their needs and aspirations. Working alongside individuals allows us to have a more profound effect on communities. Most of the people we help go on to help others, even if by just providing hope or a more positive role model for those around them.

This type of change makes a longer term impact to the fabric of the community, not just a quick fix.

The human touch.