A Message from Nahwand

Last week, a member of what was formerly our ‘Get Leading’ group, Nahwand, went out to Turkey to assist with the efforts to help those affected by the earthquakes there.

Yesterday, we received a message from him, and with his permission, wanted to share this with you along with some of the photos he has taken of the devastation and the work he is a part of:


“Hi everyone,

I’m currently distributing aid in the epicentre of the recent earthquakes in Antakya, Turkey, with an organisation called Humanitet.

We’re working with a local workers rights party who are doing good work. However, due to government negligence, there are reports of aid discrimination as well as little to no help for many areas affected. As the damage is very widespread, rebuilding is estimated to take years.

We’re fundraising to purchase family sized tents/marquees, as all buildings in the area are uninhabitable, rendering the majority of the population homeless. Each tent will cost around £500 and will protect them from the cold winter months and eventual heat.

I’m here until Monday 27th feb, and have witnessed personally where the funds are going. Anything you donate will go directly to the temporary accommodation mentioned.

Humanitet’s aim is to work with these communities for the long term, so future donations are welcomed as well.

Thank you so much for your support!

Please click here for the donation page,

and visit Humanitet’s website and instagram to see more of what they’re doing.”