Black Lives Matter

Dear friends of Regenerate

Like so many organisations and charities in the UK and around the world, we were appalled by the horrific death of George Floyd. As well as the damning effect of COVID-19 on Black, Asian and minority Ethic communities in our society, we have been profoundly disturbed by the systemic and institutional racism it has exposed.

With the events of the past weeks and with the rise of the Black Lives Matter Movement, we have been provoked to reflect at length and to consider what more we must do as a charity and as a community to help eradicate racism.

At Regenerate we oppose racism and discrimination of any kind. We are committed to promoting lasting change by addressing any deep-rooted racial inequalities and being actively antiracist, throughout our organisation and wider community.

We are asking ourselves to consider what we as individuals, as a charity and as a community, can do better. We know there is more we can do to make Regenerate a place for all people from Black, Asian and minority Ethnic communities to thrive whether they are a young person, staff member or volunteer.

As part of our commitment, Regenerate has started today to do the following.

– Organise a working group which will work with all board members, staff, volunteers, beneficiaries and partner organisations to examine the changes we need to make now and on an ongoing basis.

– Evaluate the board and staff membership and diversity monitoring.

– Promote a culture of openness, self-criticism and learning.

– Create safe spaces and reporting systems where those affected by discrimination issues can share their experiences and views in confidence and without prejudice.

– Examine how we can better encourage and support those who feel uncomfortable addressing this issue.

– We will not be defensive nor deny any existence of racism or discrimination at Regenerate but will challenge it and act.

– Review our policies and procedures and ensure they are followed and regularly monitored.

– Provide compulsory annual training for all staff and volunteers on understanding racist behaviour and micro- aggressions and how to be antiracist.

If you have any matters that you wish to raise concerning this important issue or any other aspects of the charity at this time, please email us at We will then contact you at the earliest opportunity to discuss the matter in the strictest confidence.

Racism and discrimination of any kind should have no place in society and Regenerate will do all it can to provide an environment and culture where there is racial equity and equal opportunities for all young people, staff and volunteers so that they feel valued, safe and able to progress and thrive in their lives.

Andy Smith, CEO and Founder Regenerate