Life in Lockdown on the Alton Estate – BBC London News

At the beginning of March, Tarah Welsh from BBC London News filmed a series of videos to tell the story of ‘Life in Lockdown on the Alton Estate’. Each video showcased the positive difference Regenerate and the local community have made in coming together during this difficult time.

The first video featured The Roehampton Community Box and the harvesting process at ‘Growhampton’, two initiatives that have helped to feed over 500 families. The second video featured The Feel Good Bakery and our employment drive through the pandemic. The third highlighted the impact of isolation during lockdown, and told the story of what Regenerate Rise has done to support the community. The fourth and final video beautifully summarised how Roehampton has truly come together.

It was an absolute honour to work with Tarah and feature on this 4-piece series, showcasing the positive stories in Roehampton. To watch ‘Life in Lockdown on the Alton Estate’, click the link below.