Regenerating, Refreshing, Rethinking!

Spring is here which means new beginnings, and that is no different for us here at Regenerate! Exciting things are happening as we continue to grow and adapt…

The year so far has seen lots of new staff, new young people and new ideas brought to the table. With this, we felt we needed a fresh new look to represent our continuous growth and progression, both within the community we are a part of and in the organisation itself.

We did lots of research and brainstorming, finding out what our trustees, friends and the young people we work with thought, and came to the conclusion that our old logo was a bit outdated and ‘homemade’ or unprofessional feeling. However, what people loved was that it felt welcoming, authentic and true to Regenerate. We wanted to make sure we kept this feeling in any new branding, as well as create a sense of growth and uplift. As a result, we regenerated our old look to create a refreshed new logo, which you may have seen dotted around already on our social media and new flyers!

Alongside this all, we have been thinking a lot about what our outcomes are and how we are structured as an organisation, and have identified three core services that define what we do best. Providing these three areas is important to us and help us to have the best impact we possibly can on our community, creating opportunities for young people to thrive.

These are:

Youth and Community Work,

Mentoring and Coaching, and

Employment Opportunities.


And what’s even more exciting still, is that we have officially launched our brand new website to showcase all of this! With a cleaner look and fresher feel, we really hope you enjoy exploring it and finding out more about what we can offer and how you can get involved.

And make sure to keep an eye out for new t-shirts and a fresh new look to the Regenerate mini bus, whizzing around Roehampton, Putney and the surrounding areas!